Rebecca Simon
The BouquetThe Bride The Fat CatThe ComeuppanceThe DisappointmentThe Noble Bride (with walking stick)The HandWhat's a Bailed-Out Banker Really Worth?  The FallThe WishThe Unfortunate Banker IIThe PerformanceThe Beast, with butterfly chairThe Yellow DressThe Red Dancer (with bunny ears) The PineconeThe Bouquet IIThe DiveThe Dancer (with blue moon boots)Waiting for the Rescue The GhostThe Divine HandThe Unfortunate Banker IIIThe SummoningThe Melancholic BrideThe Melancholic Bride (red)The  Dancer (with red moon boots)The Accident (zebra robe)The EventHappy Families Are All AlikeThe HoraThe GuestsThe LeftoversOpening DayBernie Schwartz may call...